Automotive Logistics

The multi complex structures and supply chain of the automotive industry impose big challenges on logistics services, and require expertise in the design of supply chain management, process planning and operations efficiency. This is because the delivery of components from numerous companies in different countries must be carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process.
Our experts in each global region will work with our clients to provide tailor-made solutions to meet any specific needs and requirements. Dot Onn offers world-wide, entire supply chain solutions including inbound procurement, production logistics, service parts distribution, and finished vehicle transportation.


Retail Logistics

Dot Onn understands that every customer has their own unique supply chain characteristics. Our dedicated retail team provides our customers with tailored solutions and process to fit the specific customer and product requirements. This enables our customers to maintain a cost efficient supply chain whilst ensuring their inventory arrives on time in full where it needs to be, and without the need to run high risk-averse stock levels close to their points of sale.


Aerospace Logistics

The aerospace industry is under extreme competitive pressures to maintain margins, achieve best value in manufacturing and to keep planes in service. All in an increasingly complex and regulated global market. In response, supply chain optimization has become a key strategy to speed processes and reduce costs in production, materials movement, maintenance, repair and overhaul operations. Over the years, Dot Onn has become an important player in the global aerospace supply chain, streamlining the flow of parts, developing relationships with component vendors, and providing comprehensive AOG services. It is not by chance that we are certified with Aerospace Quality System Standard AS9001 and we are the first logistics company certified with Quality Management System for Aerospace parts JISQ-9100. And it is no surprise that we have invested in dedicated facilities, such as our Distribution Center in the heart of the Nagoya aerospace industry cluster.
Major aerospace market segments:
Airframe OEMs
Engine OEMs
Parts Suppliers
Raw Material Suppliers
Aircraft's parts Trading Companies


Technology Logistics

For years, our experts have been pioneering innovative solutions to meet the special demands of hi-tech logistics, including speed to market and the flexibility to meet ever changing consumer demand. Working in partnership with leading industrial, commercial and consumer hi tech companies, our supply chain and sector expertise extends all the way from the factory floor to final destination. Our specialists design tailored services as diverse as vendor managed inventory, distribution center management, the movement of precision instruments, and sensitive cargo logistics.

Fast, reliable dynamic supply chain solutions for:
Electronic equipment, parts and components
Semiconductors and semiconductor equipment
Consumer electronics
Office and industrial automation equipment
Computer hardware and peripherals
Telecommunications - video, mobile, media-driven entertainment


Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Logistics

Dot Onn has invested heavily over the past 20 years in developing specialist new services and resources in the global pharma, biotech and healthcare supply chain. That’s why we can bring you so much extra value, allowing your supply chain to deliver strategic competitive advantage rather than simply being an unavoidable operational cost.
Solutions range from the delivery of raw materials into the manufacturing process to delivery of finished drugs and equipment to in-market distributors, hospitals, pharmacies and surgeries.
Whether modelling and executing complex global solutions or providing regional operations, we have the logistics network and industry expertise to support the highly complex healthcare supply chain across all modes of air, ocean, road and rail.


Food and Beverages

The food and beverage supply chain is highly demanding and, as you would expect, Yusen Logistics covers all the bases. From temperature controlled warehousing and distribution to value added services and supply chain visibility, we provide fast, reliable dynamic supply chain solutions. Additionaly our food industry logistics specialists can use their expertise to help companies enter new markets, or exploit existing ones more effectively.
Our services support:
Agricultural products - fresh produce and processed products
Fishery products
Livestock related products
Other processed foods, including beverages

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